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Five reasons why…

Six months ago, I started Enzyme Communications with two business partners. I was living in San Francisco, the undisputed hotbed of start-ups, where even kids come up with brilliant Apps that they hope to sell to Facebook. Virtually everyone in the Bay Areas is an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a company because they had this brilliant idea/spotted a gap in the market/came up with a disruptive technology. 

The gap we identified is the challenge that companies and scientists in the pharmaceutical industry face describing their innovations in a way that different audiences can understand. 

So, here are my five reasons for starting Enzyme Communications:

  • Make the complex consumable

As a science communications agency nothing excites us more than complex science that our clients want to communicate. It’s truly satisfying to see a happy client as a result of having been able to help them solve their communication problem. 

  • Provide the service clients need

In a small agency such as ours, clients often come to us with a specific challenge. Sometimes small, sometimes big. But our goal is to come up with a solution that fits exactly what they need. We have been able to do so, which is a great feeling. 

  • Create a great team 

Normally you don’t get to choose your colleagues or your boss. But we did! We knew our strengths and our weaknesses. We knew which areas created conflict and knew what our complimentary skills were. But most of all, we knew that we wanted to go through this journey together.

  • Have fun

Having fun at work has always been one of my main motivators. What a privilege to be able to work and have fun at the same time. I was reminded of that recently when we held a meeting sitting by the Rhine, each one of us with a glass of wine in our hands, discussing our next step. Pure bliss! 

  • Be proud of our work 

As owners of the agency (myself and my business partners), the buck stops with us. This has created pressure, but from that pressure comes great work and from that great work comes pride. A little over six months in and we have been able to work on some fantastic projects which we are extremely proud of!