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How to use social media in healthcare product launches

As everyone is well aware, social media can be a useful tool for business to access target audiences. The same is true in the healthcare environment, where pharmaceutical companies want to reach healthcare professionals to communicate the value proposition of the treatments they produce and market.  This is a particularly pressing need when a company […]

Strategic and tactical innovation in healthcare communications under the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has had many companies focused on data storage, processing and compliance over the last 12-24 months – and rightly so.  As of last week, we have seen that the GDPR has teeth and that regulators intend to enforce the rules. The French regulator has recently aimed a €50M (£44M) […]

What does ‘no-deal’ mean for the supply of medicines?

Following today’s defeat of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, many thousands of people up and down the UK will be extremely worried. Not because of the economic or political implications, but because their wellbeing and potentially even their life is dependent on a consistent supply of medicine. So is it fear mongering to suggest a […]

New year, new approach?

Talking about science and selling scientific products and services to varied audiences is often not so different from traditional marketing. Success is underpinned by a compelling and authentic proposition that can be supported with evidence. It’s essential that all touchpoints with your product or service communicate this proposition. This allows your product or service to begin […]

What is science communication?

That’s a great question, and as science communication specialists, it’s a question that we ask ourselves a lot. To answer that question let’s begin with a boat full of sailors in 1747. Like all sailors at this time not only did these men have to contend with the weather and the waves, they also knew they were likely […]

From Study to Story – harnessing the power of story telling

Do you have a newly published study that you want to communicate, or perhaps an existing study that you feel you could get more from? If so, Enzyme Communications ‘Study to Story’ process could be for you. Our ‘Study to Story’ process gives you the opportunity to strip back the complexity of the traditional clinical […]

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