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One year at Enzyme Communications

November 25, 2020

Last year I became part of the Enzyme Communications team. One year, a lot of projects, six new team members and one new office later, I want to take a step back and reflect on the year. As part of a company with a process revolving around the four Ps – Position, Promise, Proof and Patient – I’m going to sum up my experience with my own four Ps.


At Enyzme Communications I’ve found that the more ideas the better – putting our heads together will always increase productivity and creativity. If I had to summarise my time in one word, and if I wasn’t trying to do a clever play with the four Ps, that word would be ‘brainstorm’. With help from the holy whiteboard, to which we all bend the knee, the team is always coming up with new and creative solutions to our clients’ problems. 

The team is organised in pairs – with one member of the science communications team partnered with one member of the accounts team. This model helps us to service our clients, and means that we always have someone to collaborate with. Our partners are our other half and accomplice in all tasks. This is a model that we consistently see delivering results for our clients – after all, two heads are better than one.


Speaking of projects brings me to my next ‘P’. This year has been packed full of opportunity and learning as I’ve been part of a diverse range of projects. From common symptoms such as the flu and headaches to advanced treatments for extremely rare diseases, working on varying projects means I’ve continued to learn about new disease areas on a regular basis. I’ve gone from having never heard of a rare disease to becoming a ‘relative expert’ and advisor within a short space of time.


One key thing I’ve learned is that anything is possible. Any request… any proposed project… any solution to a problem. As a team, we will take on any challenge – if we don’t know how to tackle it at the start, we are confident in our ability to work it out. This means I’ve had the chance to work in a wide range of different formats. From the more creative aspect with animations, events, booth designs, 3D models, illustrations and jingles, to more science and data centred projects such as detail aids and leave pieces. At Enzyme Communications any task is possible!


This last year, and particularly the last six months, our team has faced a whirlwind of a journey. The coronavirus pandemic saw millions shift to remote working – and our team was no different. Despite these strange and unprecedented times, we’ve been fortunate enough to adapt quickly and continue to grow.

The buzz of onboarding a new team member and seeing the company evolve before you is amplified when working as part of a tight-knit group. New members quickly become close colleagues through daily collaboration as we have got to know each other in a short space of time. Social distancing measures mean that several relationships have been built and maintained through Zoom – yet, this hasn’t stopped the team getting to know one another. From virtual coffee catch ups, to socials and quizzes, we’ve successfully built a close team through video conferencing… something I had never even imagined when I first started!

Looking back at how far we’ve come in just one year, I am eager to see what’s around the corner, and excited to continue to support our current and future clients as we all face the unknown together.

– Lois Gaden, Junior Science Communicator


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