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How do we relieve stress at Enzyme Communications?

November 6, 2020

Every working person is likely to experience stress at some point in their job. For International Stress Awareness Week, we want to discuss the things that we do at Enzyme Communications to manage stress.

Believe it or not, we have a Nintendo Switch in the office… and yes, we still manage to get work done! Mario Kart distracts us from work-related stress as we battle it out to fight the shame of coming in last place. Spending lunchtime lobbing bananas and green shells at one another temporarily pulls our minds away from work and helps us to reset and refocus for the afternoon.

Although we love to play Mario Kart, we are aware that it’s good to stay active to relieve stress. What better way to let out our energy than whacking something as hard as possible? I’m talking about table tennis, of course. Staying active is great for the mind, and before we moved to a new office we would participate in weekly tournaments.

I can’t talk about stress relief without giving a special mention to Bella. She’s always there for us when we need her, happily listens to our problems and provides comfort when we need it the most. All she asks for in exchange is the occasional stroke. We should probably mention that Bella is the office dog. It’s virtually impossible for us to be stressed when we have our fluffy companion around.

Our ‘lunch and learn’ sessions are another great way to manage stress. Food is fuel after all, and these sessions involve the company footing the bill for whatever food we fancy on that day. Having a hearty meal fuels our brain and gets the creative juices flowing. We take part in an interactive session while we eat. From brainstorms to discussions on the latest developments in science and technology, these sessions are a great way to mix up our day.

Everyone enjoys socials to take their minds off of work. Running social events has been difficult while working remotely… but we have risen to the challenge. Virtual quizzes have been a great way for us to unwind and socialise. We’ve even themed our socials according to the season; to celebrate Halloween we ran a virtual pumpkin carving session, allowing us to get creative from our own homes.

We take on many projects and big challenges at Enzyme Communications. Setting aside time in the day to de-stress has been vital to ensure we remain productive and focused in everything we do.

Let us know how your company manages employee stress, we’d love to know!

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