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Summer placement with Enzyme: putting theory into action

September 21, 2022

What was the journey which led me to Enzyme?

After completing my undergraduate at the University of St Andrews (BSc Biochemistry Hons), I embarked on the MSc Science Communication course at Imperial College.

As my master’s year progressed, I reflected on what an exciting time it is for science communication – and its vital place at the intersect of science and society.

My degree taught me to be aware of many things, from the necessity of interdisciplinary ‘sci comm’, the need to simply listen before communicating and the sheer complexity of matters such as public trust. However, one aspect of my master’s which has really stayed with me, and forms the basis of my dissertation, is the tremendous potential of narrative or storytelling for communicating complex science.

I was therefore intrigued by Enzyme Communications, which has storytelling at its core.

Enzyme catalyses the process of finding compelling stories in typically complex data. These stories materialise in myriad forms across many media platforms – through my placement, I was given the opportunity to help write such stories.

“Science Communication is a new and evolving field – that is why keeping our ideas and approaches fresh is so important. We have been very fortunate over the last four years to be able to place MSc Science Communication students from both the University of Sheffield and Imperial College London as they gain work experience and shape their dissertations. Every student brings their own ideas, questions, and challenges – which keeps us on our toes and ultimately leads to better work for our clients.”

Adam Goodband, Co-founder and Science Communication Director

What was the nature of my work at Enzyme?

One of the most enjoyable areas of my work at Enzyme was the science communication animations, in which I would check an animation by reviewing its content against a proposed storyboard (e.g. when and how an infographic would appear). I also had the opportunity to use my imagination in the early stages of planning layouts for conference banners/slides for healthcare and biotech clients. I mastered creative software I’d never used before. For instance, during reference checking of slides, I would be reading complex medical papers reflective of my science degree for nuanced therapy areas

The variety of work was intellectually stimulating in a dynamic, friendly, and energetic workplace. The novelty of the work could be intimidating but this also made it exciting! I would be occupied by one project in the morning, and start a new one in the afternoon, allowing me to experience a fast-paced work environment – a challenge which I loved.

What was the best part about my placement at Enzyme?

Ultimately, my summer placement was greatly rewarding. It was an opportunity to put my science communication skills – and mindset – to the test, knowing that doing so would be helping to make a difference in several specific therapy areas. If you are up for an intellectual challenge or looking for a fulfilling opportunity to craft science stories for real-life healthcare settings, and to work in an office that feels like a family – I couldn’t recommend Enzyme more.

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