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How can science communication help unlock the potential of sustainability and environmentally friendly energy solutions?

September 22, 2022

It is not an overstatement to suggest that the adoption of products, processes, and behaviours that support sustainability is now central to the future health of our planet and subsequently all of us – but if you are already reading this, you probably know this better than I do.

With increased political will and funding now flowing into the sustainability and energy sectors, a whole raft of hugely exciting companies are developing the solutions we desperately need to try and turn the tide on climate change and the overuse of resources.

It is crucial for all of us that we adopt these new technologies and developments as quickly as possible. But each of these breakthroughs will have its own innovators, story, and level of complexity, and too often companies which have been focused on technological innovation are suddenly faced with communications challenges they are not setup to address. This is where science communication comes in.

As science communications specialists, the team at Enzyme Communications help our clients turn science into stories. These stories sit at the heart of the B2B and B2C marketing and communication plans which are needed to unlock the full potential of new advances.

Long-term strategic partnership

Because it takes time to unpack science in the right way, our model is one of long-term strategic partnership. This starts by understanding your science and business challenges, before crafting the right story for these challenges. From here we carve that story up for your different audiences – remembering that even the worlds experts sometimes need to hear something in a new way for it to land. Finally, we provide the production expertise to produce the tactics and creativity which bring your story to life.

It is this end-to-end service, with science and storytelling at its core which we believe sets Enzyme Communications apart.

What can the sustainability and energy sector learn from healthcare?

There are many parallels between sustainability communications and healthcare communications. When launching a new medicine or technology, companies craft scientific stories which are modified for different audiences, including governments, payors, the healthcare community, patients, and the wider public. This need to engage with a wide list of stakeholders is shared by many sustainability and energy organisations.

At their core, healthcare companies are crafting evidence-based arguments for the adoption of a new medicine or technology within complex treatment environments. This requires detailed research, clear insights, careful planning, and a well-crafted strategy – sound familiar?

With several existing global healthcare clients, supporting these challenges is something we are experienced in at Enzyme Communications, and we firmly believe there are learnings that can be adopted by the sustainability and energy sector. Whether you have a need for a renewable energy marketing strategy, or a sustainability communications plan – we would love to hear from you.

Why us and why now?

Taking complex information and making it consumable for different audiences is the core of our offering – so much so that it is our tagline! With four years under our belts, a host of highly innovative global clients, and a dedicated team focused on science communication, we now want to use these skills to make a positive impact in sustainability communications.

We are passionate about turning science into stories, and set-up to provide a long-term strategic partnership to organisations with complex science at their core.

Ultimately, we are a group of people who want to make a difference, and we believe that we can support the energy and sustainability sector in speeding up adoption of the technologies we all so desperately need.

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