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Is the conference dead?

The conference is dead. Long live the conference.

Conference season is upon us and 2023 feels like the year when in person international healthcare conferences are roaring back into our lives.

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From graduate to industry: Learnings in a science communications agency

Here at Enzyme Communications, we provide opportunities to many graduates within both the project management and scientific field. This article is courtesy of Pennie Ryan, a Junior Science Communicator who joined us directly after completing her Science Communication MSc at The University of Sheffield.

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How can science communication help unlock the potential of sustainability and environmentally friendly energy solutions?

With increased political will and funding now flowing into the sustainability and energy sectors, a whole raft of hugely exciting companies are developing the solutions we desperately need to try and turn the tide on climate change and the overuse of resources.

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Summer placement with Enzyme: putting theory into action

After completing my undergraduate at the University of St Andrews (BSc Biochemistry Hons), I embarked on the MSc Science Communication course at Imperial College. As my master’s year has progressed, I have been reflecting on what an exciting time it is for science communication – and its vital place at the intersect of science and society.

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What’s new for the pharmaceutical industry in the 2021 ABPI Code update?

The Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry (the code) is published by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) - find out what's new


The Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and the missed opportunity for professional science communicators

Brain power, collaboration, and sheer hard work underpinned the development of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, so how have science communicators missed an opportunity to spread the word here?