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Drug Discovery Workshops


Enzyme Communications partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to design a workshop framework to help drug discovery teams turn their research into stories. Several drug discovery teams have participated in these workshops, facilitated by us, with the primary goal of coming together to tell the story that will underpin their publications and outreach activities.


Many ground-breaking drug discovery projects fail to achieve their communication goals due to a variety of reasons. These workshops aimed to identify the core narratives surrounding the projects and establish a communications framework that could benefit both the drug discovery teams and the wider communication efforts of the organisation.


Enzyme Communications collaborated with multiple departments to build a framework that enabled us to understand the detail, but also extract the core strands of the story. Using pre-work (to get attendees thinking differently), and an engaging workshop format, we facilitated workshops which shaped and surfaced stories about world leading scientific breakthroughs.


These stories set the foundation for the way the organisation talks about its breakthroughs, and influence publications, scientific exchange, internal education, and investor communications.

 Drug Discovery Workshop - Enzyme COmmunications

Drug Discovery Workshops

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Educational Meeting Series

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