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Patient resource development


A leading global research organisation in heart attack are in the process of launching a global Phase 3 clinical study for an investigational compound which is designed to be used at the onset of heart attack symptoms.


The investigational compound (or placebo) will be provided to participants in the study in an auto-injection device for self-administration. To support study participants to know when and how to correctly use the device, a suite of patient support resources were developed. These would be provided to participants at randomisation to support them through their time in the study.


A suite of materials were agreed to support patients in the study. As a first step, a study brand and set of communications guidelines were developed to ensure consistency in tone and messaging across study materials. Content for these materials were adapted from the study protocol and informed consent form, in collaboration with experts in heart attack care and study stakeholders.


This project resulted in the production of a study recruitment leaflet, 2 dedicated websites, 4 patient brochures, 2 study posters, a study participant card, study resource kit and awareness materials which have been translated in 35 languages to support patients in the study across 26 countries worldwide.

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