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Hybrid Meeting Series


Enzyme Communications organised four hybrid meetings in various locations across Australia, featuring an international speaker and four local chairs. We worked in collaboration with the expert speaker to build compelling presentations which met the educational objectives of our client. The attendees included haematologists, rheumatologists, immunologists, pathologists, and nurses, both in-person and virtual.


The goal was to raise awareness of a rare lymphoproliferative disease, emphasise the significance of multidisciplinary collaboration, and discuss the challenges in diagnosis and treatment. The hybrid meeting setup provided an effective platform for achieving these objectives and sharing overseas experience.


The four hybrid meetings took place in different Australian locations, with an international speaker and four local chairs. The attendees participated in person at dinner events, while others joined virtually. The speaker presented from the UK via Zoom. The meetings featured presentations by the speaker, followed by interactive Q&A sessions involving all attendees.


The hybrid meeting format yielded excellent results, with an attendance rate of 82%. Attendees provided positive feedback and appreciated the opportunity to virtually interact and collaborate with an international speaker while still benefiting from face-to-face interactions with peers.

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