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Strategic growth workshop


In collaboration with a global pharmaceutical company, Enzyme Communications designed and facilitated a bespoke two-day strategic growth workshop. Marketing teams across the EU region explored strategies to change prescribing behaviour and promote growth for a prescription product in women’s health.


The individual markets within the EU region had full autonomy over their communications approaches, leading to significant disparity in branding and messaging for the product. Furthermore, with markets at different stages in the launch cycle of the product, it was important to understand how that may affect prescriber behaviour and engagement with the product.


Enzyme Communications collaborated with the regional marketing lead and the in-country marketeers to understand the challenges faced in developing a growth platform for the product. This defined the agenda for the workshop, which was facilitated in person over two-day period and provided all stakeholders with a voice and opportunity to define their needs and ambitions for the product.


Post-workshop, an action plan was developed and validated. Enzyme Communications continues to support the company in the execution of this action plan.

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